Where Possibility Plays!

Discover a dramatically different rehab and skilled nursing center at the new $35 million crown jewel of John Knox Village.

Florida’s first Life Plan Community GREEN HOUSE® Project!

Delight in a meaningful life, in a real home, provided by an empowered staff.

Enjoy red carpet personal service and healthcare.

Receive top quality care that’s all about you.

Spa resort living that feels like your personal home!

Choose when you wish to wake, dine and enjoy all of our resort style amenities.

A healing tropical destination with the warmth of home

Discover a new way of living and healing at The Woodlands! In a true setting of home, you’ll enjoy a superbly cared-for lifestyle surrounded by the kind of sun-washed serenity and positive Zen energy you might find at a contemporary South Florida resort and spa. Can this state-of-the art rehab and health center truly feel like a real home? With the Green House® Project as our guiding force, the answer is a definitive “Yes!”

Stunning and innovative, The Woodlands is the sparkling new centerpiece of John Knox Village. Above an amenity-enhanced ground level, every floor embraces two homes with gorgeous lifestyle spaces and 12 private suites, each with its own en suite bathroom. Shahbazim—a Persian word meaning “the king’s royal falcon protectors”—are specially trained caregivers who will provide you with personalized assistance and excellent service, including preparing your home’s daily gourmet meals.

Set your own schedule and pace. Live an abundant and outreaching life as you choose. Here, possibilities know no age or limitations. This is Where Possibility Plays!

Spa Resort Designed Residences

Privacy, bay windows, coastal cool decor, the comfort you want

Wonderful services and amenities

Spa, Wellness Studio, Palm Bistro, full access to John Knox Village


A plan in place, just in case!

Explore The Woodlands’ innovative rehab and quality care

“The Woodlands feels like living in a stunning wellness resort and having my own residence there—right down to the dining room table!”
Ms. Doe

Resident since 2017

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