A Resident movement becomes a first-in-the-nation reality!

Always ahead of the curve, John Knox Village has long been the Life Plan Community selected by those seeking an innovative approach to healthcare. Almost a decade ago, our wonderfully engaged residents discovered a revolutionary movement bringing joyful renewal, authentic, home-based architecture and enriching, family-like warmth to the forefront in care-based living. The more they learned, the more excited and impassioned they became that John Knox Village should bring The Green House® Project model of care to our community.

In a contemporary spa resort iteration that once again sets us apart—The Woodlands is the first Green House Project in the nation to have been requested by community residents! For state-of-the-art rehab and care-enhanced living, we are proud to say, “Welcome home!” like no other community in Florida can.


Home Sweet Resort!

World renowned, The Green House® Project was founded in 2001 by Dr. Bill Thomas, a Harvard-educated geriatrician. Author of Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and More Connected Life, Dr. Thomas saw it was time to utterly transform how people experienced healing and long-range care by creating places that were truly “home” in style, warmth and especially caring relationships.

At The Woodlands, you’ll experience The Green House Project in a stunning, contemporary, resort-like setting! Here you’ll discover a pampered lifestyle in superbly designed 12-person “homes” full of light and conviviality—complemented by the refreshing serenity of your own private suite with en suite bath. You’ll enjoy the family-like companionship of Shabazim caregivers. And you’ll have a full array of exceptional amenities right in your own building and throughout John Knox Village.

Choose your own way!

Heal. Renew. Reset. Relax or get going! Get up and go to bed on your own schedule. Eat when you please. Fill your days as you wish. When it comes to your lifestyle, you rule at The Woodlands! That includes collaborating with health professionals who can show you how to achieve the health results you want—the way you want.

Beyond healing and staying well, if you need a spa or beauty day, revitalize at the Rejuvenate Spa & Salon. Get centered in yoga, stretching, strengthening or mindfulness exercises at the Wellness Studio. Meet friends at the hip, gourmet Palm Bistro for a bite. Go out and enjoy the stunning tropical setting and activities of all of John Knox Village. Or simply kick back at The Woodlands with family members, friends or just a good book. For rehab guests, you can enjoy The Woodlands’ lifestyle and be involved in determining the best treatment scenarios for you to regain function and get back home fast.

Thrive on!

There’s no time limit on doing the unexpected, achieving the new and discovering the meaningful! Here you’ll find fascinating opportunities to stretch your imagination, your experiences and your goals. Every life stage is a never-before adventure, even in the daily rhythms of life. That’s why concepts like “convivium” abound at The Woodlands. Convivium is that special pleasure that accompanies sharing good food with the people we know well. It happens every day around the dining tables in our beautiful home environments with fresh gourmet food prepared amidst the inviting socializing of an open kitchen. The Green House® Project model has been shown to significantly increase the quality of life for all, empowering both residents and Shahbazim to live life to its fullest in every “right now.”

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