Homes full of healing, love and light

Each of the twelve homes that bring The Green House® Project to life at The Woodlands is a haven of peaceful, contemporary living. Featuring an inviting open floor plan, lots of natural light and fresh modern décor, the convivial common areas include the most popular gathering spaces in the heart of a home.

Enjoy the warmth of conversing while having a snack or beverage at the counter of a large, open kitchen—where your Shahbaz will prepare the gourmet meals served family-style at a roomy dining table. The living room offers cozy spots for reading or talking, comfortable seating for watching television, and places for games and hobbies. Best of all, your personal room with its bay window and en suite bath, will provide a private, tropical retreat all your very own.


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The Shahbazim Difference

A true partner in making your home, well, a home, will be your well-trained, warm-hearted Shahbaz. The Shahbaz (Shahbazim in the plural) has the honor of managing your home and being a part of creating a meaningful life for the “family” of residents who live there.

Empowered across a broad range of sustaining and nurturing responsibilities, the Shabaz provides assistance including personal care, activities, meal planning, cooking and serving, laundry and light housekeeping. While Shabazim do collaborate closely with our healthcare staff, the difference between more institutional care models and the familial, empowered Zen of Shabazim is the deep-knowing, strong relationships that result between caregivers and residents.

The Green House® Project’s Shabazim model of caregiving has been shown to result in four times more personal engagement with each resident and staff members who are substantially happier and longer tenured.    

Floor Plans

(with en-suite bathroom)
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