Sunday, September 17, 2017 4:00 p.m.
Sunday’s Village Update
ELECTRIC- Full Electrical Power has been restored across campus with the exception of one triplex impacting NE 521, 523, and 525.
The power flash late yesterday afternoon resulted in power surges tha
damaged A/C Equipment in The Woodlands.
The A/C Contractor is on-site in The Woodlands currently troubleshooting. Circuit boards were damaged and we are in the process of locating replacement parts.
Temporary Portable A/C units will be delivered this evening to help maintain temperatures.
Woodlands Guest and Residents in corner units have been moved into the common areas of the home because the temperatures in the corner units are higher due to two walls of glass.
We are following JKV’s Loss of A/C protocols and not using ovens, serving cold food, regularly performing hydration rounds, checking temperatures of guest/residents, as well as temperatures throughout the building.
We experienced two water leaks from our A/C system last evening.
Restoration companies were on-site to extract water.
Fans are in place drying floors.
Any apartments that had water enter have been extracted and they were visited by housekeeping.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues. We assure you many dedicated team members have been on-site and are doing everything possible to resolve these issues.
If you are experiencing any problems related to power, water, or air conditioning, please report them to (954) 783-4000 and they will be addressed as quickly as possible.
Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
The Woodlands at John Knox Village Greenhouse Project Loves Their Elders Rain or Shine!
During Hurricane Irma, The Woodlands served a total of 246 guests (residents/elders) with residents transferring from Assisted Living, along with several Independent Living residents (who required oxygen and C-Pap support). Additionally, 31 spouses of residents joined their loved ones along with 24 family members and children who were also able to be together through the storm.
Elders in the Woodlands were served by 97 staff/team members which included CNA’s, Shahbazim, (Persian word meaning Falcon Protector - changing the face of skilled nursing care by redefining and expanding the role of the certified nursing assistant) Nurses, Housekeepers, Managers, Dining Service Staff and Floor Technicians. The total number of people in the building through the storm was 343. Nobody was turned away.
In meeting the value of “Creating a Real Home,” residents, staff and guests enjoyed plenty of homemade food, beverages (with regular hydration checks) and incredible opportunities for CONVIVIUM (the particular pleasure that accompanies sharing good food with the people we know well).
Family members were kept in touch via phone calls, voice mail, recordings, the JKV and Woodlands websites and text messaging.
Best Practices Steps That Were Taken:
• Double checked hurricane food, water supplies and medications
• Deployed Hurricane Nursing Medical Supplies
• Topped off diesel generators
• Set up rented cots for Villa Residents and Staff
• Assigned Director or Leadership Team Members as Building Supervisors
• Deployed Two-Way Radios
• Continued Communications during and post-storm with regular meetings
• When Power was lost, generators automatically turned on for emergency power
• When Power was lost in Health Care Settings, temperatures were monitored and hydration rounds were done consistently.
For more information on John Knox Village please call (954) 783-4040 or visit us online at For ongoing news about John Knox Village please go to

The innovative, private home-style 144-suite residence will feature the Palm Bistro, rehabilitation services, the Rejuvenation Salon & Spa, the Wellness Center and the Life Enrichment Center available for social gatherings and other occasions.

Patient with painful arm

This is your rehab. You decide.

At The Woodlands, you make the call. Every day. You have the freedom to choose the what, the when, the where and the why. You decide on the things that are most important and fulfilling, and what you want to pursue. Choice isn’t about variety – it’s about empowerment. It’s about getting more out of every day. It’s the ability to cultivate what we’ve
planned in our minds. It’s about choosing what we know is best for us – not what others think is best.

Senior woman with people exercising in fitness studio

A thirst for more.

Transformations happen every day. Every experience has the potential to help us grow. But growth is not a one-size-fits-all progression. We each have to figure out what we need to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. We are committed to pushing ourselves – and encouraging you – to pursue things that make you better. Because we know that no matter how much we have learned and achieved, we can always reach for more.

Patients Working Out In Gym

Together, we can do more.

At The Woodlands, collaboration is key. We know that together we are better. Together, we expand horizons; we push boundaries; we
try things and we thrive. Collaboration is not conformity. In fact, at The Woodlands, each and every person has a distinct voice. And we seek it out. Each point of view is needed and wanted. Because it’s the varying perspectives that form a culture of co-creation and the potential to change ourselves, our community and the world. When we share stories, we build stories. And together, we can build a better tomorrow.

Relax & Rehab

The Palm Bistro provides a comfortable environment
where clients, families and friends can order meals
made fresh daily. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, other options include artisan breads, lean meats, seafood, breakfast sandwiches, salads, wraps, Paninis, flat breads, soups and desserts.

Our European-style day spa features a full line of salon and barber services, nail technicians and massage and facial therapists.

Friends having dinner.