Wonderful amenities with a tropical resort feel

Home sweet resort! The Woodlands has it all.  Above the gorgeous lobby, you’ll live in a beautiful home with views of swaying palms and tropical beauty. On the stunning ground floor level, you’ll find all the amenities you need to enjoy the pampered lifestyle of a health and wellness focused resort designed for your every desire.  And just beyond the doors, the spectacular amenities of John Knox Village are yours to enjoy. 

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Palm Bistro

Delight in extraordinary service and delicious all-day dining in a casual and contemporary bistro setting with a happy, “on-vacation” flair. 

You, your friends and family will love the Palm Bistro for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our chefs outdo themselves daily in making the most of just caught local seafood, farm fresh produce and creating desserts you won’t want to miss!

Rejuvenate Salon & Spa

Renew, relax—pamper yourself head to toe if you wish. The lovely Rejuvenate Salon & Spa offers all of your favorite services and treatments including massages, facials, hair and nail services, and more in a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.  

Spa experiences are open to residents and guests and by appointment only. Call 954-247-5817

Wellness Studio

For residents, residential rehab guests and outpatient rehab guests, the Wellness Studio is a state-of-the-art fitness and rehabilitation center—for staying fit and well or returning to your best, most functional self.  All fitness and rehabilitation therapists are on-staff team members for the confidence and comfort of having the consistent support of professionals with whom you’ll develop a wellness-partnership on a personal level. Our fitness professionals and therapists are highly trained and hold the latest degrees and certifications in their fields.  Your team will create an individualized plan for you, specific to your needs and goals.

The Wellness Studio features studio spaces for classes and the latest equipment for fitness and therapy including Nu-Step and HUR equipment. The HUR equipment can be programmed to automatically adjust to your personal settings for ease of use. The fitness staff will meet with you by appointment to orient you to the equipment and establish your start-up settings and routine.

Life Enrichment Center

Centered on building a “meaningful life,” the Life Enrichment Center is truly a place for growth, enlightenment, discovery and new beginnings.

In this beautifully appointed space, residents, guests and family members gather to explore an abundance of enriching programs focused on lifelong learning, spiritual well-being and expanding hobbies and interests. It’s the perfect setting for festivities from seasonal celebrations to birthday parties.

Outfitted with technology to broadcast events and performances, the Life Enrichment Center can host performances and stream programs to be shared around the entire community.

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